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A yacht on a major voyage
The motor yacht Big Fish is built for expeditions to unfamiliar terrain – even for a maiden voyage to the Antarctic.

An unusual destination for a yacht that normally heads for exclusive dream beaches all over the world. Luxury and comfort are also a basic requirement for the guests who stay on board, but what makes the Big Fish so unusual is its suitability as an ocean-going, expedition vessel. In accordance with the dream of freedom, no limits are set to the adventure. If you are brave enough, you can go on a voyage of discovery with experts and expedition leaders. And all this for up to three months, or a range of 10,000 miles. Because the vessel can be at sea for this length of time without stopping to refuel or restock. This was a challenge for the boatbuilders, because as well as the storage space for such mundane supplies as fuel, drinking water and consumables, they also had to include extensive technical equipment for all types of expeditions, as well as areas for additional peripheral equipment, such as transport boots or tenders. The ultimate was also demanded in terms of design, construction, efficiency of power supply, safety and luxury.

The powerful lines of the superstructures and the streamlined surfaces deliberately correspond to the soft edges of the hull, that is made from solid steel. Although the focus is on the importance of the design, feel and look of the surfaces, they must simultaneously be robust and easy to clean, because of the extremes in climate and rough seas they are to face. So instead of the obligatory teak deck, there is epoxy-impregnated granite decking. Room-height glass panels and the open salon and eating area give a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. The highlight is the three-storey atrium, with a big screen running from floor to ceiling. Five guest cabins – each with ensuite facilities – can take up to ten people or can be combined to make two VIP cabins, as required. Some unexpected comforts await the would-be conquerors on their adventure. An unfolding platform at the swimming pool acts as an extended beach, or you can spend time in the observation pod – for a feeling of freedom.

It is a common prejudice that a luxury yacht automatically has to be the worst-case scenario for any environmental balance sheet. This is quite the opposite – economical LED lighting reduces power consumption, hot water is produced by the waste heat from the generators and engines and there are systems installed to filter the fuel emissions – and these are just some of the features that are already standard on the Big Fish. It only remains to say “ship ahoy” - here’s to voyages of discovery and to conquering new worlds!

Design team:

Bootsdesign/Interior Design: Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd.
Werft: McMullen & Wing Ltd, Neuseeland

Project partners:

Armaturen Dornbracht: MEM

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