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DEQUE - Water-shaping source
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Product description

The DEQUE fitting as a water-shaping source: the stand-mounted cascade bath spout.


"DEQUE represents the progression of the Dornbracht brand in avant-garde design," says Managing Director Andreas Dornbracht. "The special feature we have developed for this fitting are the individual streams of water that are dispersed that provide a gentle and elegant experience while washing the hands."

DEQUE 's contrasts stand out, the juxtaposition of the gentle flow of water with the severity of the fitting's form and the contrast of the planar projection and the cylindrical control elements – a form that is particularly evident in the single-lever mixer.

"The natural cascade of water sets a deliberate contrast to the formal severity and perfection of the fitting," says Michael Sieger.

With its planar form, DEQUE draws the eye to the fitting and the water it delivers, a perspective that evokes associations with the landscape architecture of Italian architect Carlos Scarpa (1906-1978). In combination with the two types of streams (the cascade of water and the gentle individual streams), this association marks the basis for designing DEQUE 's surroundings.

"The architecture unites the tremendous precision and geometry of the fitting with landscape architecture. The result is a sculpture comprising the fitting as a water-shaping source and the architecture as a water-structuring form," explains Mike Meiré, who is responsible for the architecture of the DEQUE sculpture.

To follow the natural flow of water through this sculpture is to embark on a journey through the different applications of the series. Precise geometric forms depict a monolithic landscape of chrome and matte black. From washbasin to bath tub, from shower to deck-mounted, the different sources of water supply a flow that ties the different delivery forms of water together architecturally. It is not the architecture that unites the different water sources with one another, but rather the water itself that acts as the element uniting the architecture.

In addition to the DEQUE sculpture, four individual applications were designed for DEQUE. They each show a combination of outlets and a landscape element. The applications vary in size, yet exhibit a consistent architectural signature and material aesthetic.

DEQUE comes in the finishes chrome and matte black and will be available for delivery in September 2011. The design is by Sieger Design, the DEQUE bath architecture is by Mike Meiré.