Key facts


AIR-board® panels
Our unique bonding technology enables us to combine a rigid translucent honeycomb core with transparent thermoplastic top sheets resulting in a panel with exceptional optical features.
The 6 types of the AIR-board® series mainly differ in top sheet material and its structure, dimensions and colors.

Common properties:
- innovative translucent optics
- excellent light transmission
- outstanding thermal insulation
- high stiffness
- light weight
- PC honeycomb core hardly flammable
- easy to handle and process
- compatible with standard profile systems
- flat applications only

Metal-AIR-board® UV PC
Lighweigth panel consisting of highly transparent 2 mm UV-protected PC top sheets and a hexagon aluminium honeycomb core.

- Standard cell dimension: 12,7 mm available from stock.
- Cell diameterof 6,4 mm, 9,5 mm, 19,1 mm and 25,4 mm on request

Special properties:
- unique metallic alu-look
- good light transmission
- excellent UV and weather resistance
- high stiffness
- easy to install