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Ceil-Lighting solutions satisfy all the needs in terms of lighting. Four integrations are available:
- Architectural premium (a selection Delta-Light).
- Architectural integration.
- Technical integration.
- Integration of existing fixtures.

CEIL-IN® CONCEPT an innovative system for ceilings and walls
Ceil-in is specialized in the development, production and marketing of innovative solutions for ceilings and walls. Thanks to its patented revolutionary system, Ceil-in ® offers both, a solution of fast and flexible installation and a visual masking of the Metalware T24. Adaptable both new construction and in renovation, Ceil-in ® products offer the best guarantees in terms of fire resistance (Standardized Euro class B-s2, d0) and in terms of health risk, due to their technology guaranteeing perfect insulation and sealing components to prevent any dispersion of airborne particles according to standard NF EN 13964/A1 effective in 2012.
Fully designed, developed and manu- factured in France, Ceil-in ® solutions can integrating all the necessary technical elements in your ceilings and walls:
light, sound, heating, ventilation, ... Quality, integration of new materials, important choice of colors, customization of the products.
Ceil-in ® ... all those available options can point to a significant number of architectural possibilities. With Ceil-in ®, " Free to imagine the impossible."
the choice of a ceiling is important, often overlooked or underestimated, a quality ceiling will guarantee an harmonious and contemporary space.

Stores, Offices, Bars, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Waiting rooms, Showrooms, Conference rooms, Habitat, Open spaces

– A revolutionary system:
compatible with all existing frames T24, the patented Ceil-in ® offers a fast and flexible installation while maintaining easy access to technical parts;

– An exceptional visual rendering:
Structural steel made invisible thanks to the concept Ceil-in® for a clean and simple rendering of your ceilings and walls;

– No emanation of fiber:
Ceil-in ® prevents the emission of airborne particles thanks to its insulation according to the new norm NF EN 13964/A1 effective in 2012;

– Materials of choice:
the smart sobriety of aluminum, the reassuring warmth of wood, the inimitable touch of zinc, the technicality of the composite materials or the quality / price ratio of natural raw materials;

– Unlimited integrations technical:
lighting, sound, heating, video ... fully integrated into our products for a perfect visual result;

– The unlimited customization:
support your plans from the layout design to the production, video integration, backlit 3D laser cutting, cutting into the material, installation of stickers, creating evolving environment, point-of-sale advertising ... Let your imagination run free

– A product "Made in France":
invented, developed and manufactured in France, all the products and technologies Ceil-in® aim to respect the environment and people.

The best innovations are often the simplest. Ceil-in® is one of those brilliant innovations which are based on a clever use of known process. Ceil-in® is a revolutionary locking clip, a metallic part cleverly placed, an adaptation cross applied to the standard T24 metallic frame and a great magnetic tool that revolutionize the installation and removal of ceiling panels and walls.
Manufacturer Ceil-In
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