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The BuzziResoFuser is an acoustic module that chiefly absorbs sound within the spectrum of the speech range. The BuzziResoFuser system is designed to improve the audibility of speech in an enclosed space. Combined with BuzziTile 3D, a tasteful wall finish can be created.

The BuzziResoFuser operates on the basis of the quarter wavelength system. This means that the BuzziResoFuser has to be able to ‘breathe’ and must therefore always been installed ‘alternately’. In this way, the apertures remain visible at all times. By creating a draughtboard pattern, the tops and bottoms of the BuzziResoFusers remain open. The BuzziResoFuser is attached to the wall with a hook batten.

The operating frequency of the BuzziResoFuser is adjustable. By changing the position of the partitions in the grooves at the back of the BuzziResoFuser, it is possible to absorb frequencies efficiently. This can be done by placing three partitions at the same level or at differing heights. To determine which frequen- cies have to be absorbed in the room, a reverberation time measurement has to be taken. The frequencies that remain in the room for longer periods have to be absorbed. The frequencies can be read on the back of the BuzziResoFuser. These frequencies have a specific bandwidth, which means that a frequency can always be chosen that is close to the problem frequency measured in the room.

Fitting two BuzziResoFusers together creates a longer cavit and even lower tones can be absorbed. The important thing here is that the apertures of th BuzziResoFusers are open.