Product family


Nowadays we work in open-plan offices, and we try to create a loft feeling at home as well. But this means places where we can make a quick phone call in peace or work by ourselves on our laptops have become rare. Designer Alain Gilles’ solution is the BuzziBooth: a felty ‘phone box’ made of sound-insulating felt that dampens outside sounds. Now you can have a moment alone even in the noisiest of surroundings. Micro-architecture for maxi spaces!

Now that BuzziBooth has conquered open offices it is time for a new member of the family: the BuzziBooth Targa. An elegant, flexible and private workplace at the office, without losing eye contact with the different (work) islands. Together and separate, working alone in a team: the BuzziBooth Targa heralds a new era of flexible working, without losing sight of the BuzziSpace's acoustic properties. Ideal for offices and hotel lobbies, airports and train stations or your home office. BuzziBooth Targa is a multi-talented flexible worker.