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paravento XL

Privacy screen from ophelis

Product description

• As a T- or L-linked system, this acoustically effective wall stands freely in the room, does not require any additional foot stabilizer and can be covered with different materials
• Various surfaces can be selected within the system: melamine, whiteboard and fabric-covered (single and double-sided) are available
• Depending on the application, different widths are invisibly linked together. paravento XL can be combined with the textile room structuring system paravento and can also be used in the direct workplace environment
• paravento XL is integrated into the desk and provides very high acoustic shielding
• In addition cables can be run invisibly to the desk


• Offers a comprehensive solution for acoustics, shielding, organisation and cabling
• The selected radius determines the layout
• Completely concealed organisation rail
• Optically consistent solution for all applications:
- Free-standing as single and combination elements (floor screen)
- At the table, floor-standing (floor screen)
- On / behind the table (paravento screen)
- Ceiling-mounted (paravento air)
- Wall-mounted (paravento wall)
- Pre-configured elements for function modules such as phone booths, think tanks, cubes, service points, etc. (paravento hub)
• System components – versions with matching design:
- S = Slim, 20 mm thickness – visual shielding only
- M = Medium, 40 mm thickness – organisational, add-ons, acoustically effective
• Options depending on type:
- Basic or premium acoustics
- With or without organisation rail
- 2 x radius, 1 x radius, no radius
- Additional elements such as boards or pen trays
Manufacturer ophelis
Family Partitioning system paravento
Architonic ID 20286298
Year of Launch 2022

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