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constructiv PILA Office
constructiv PILA Office
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Burkhardt Leitner >
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Modular spaces-Architectural systems >
Modular spaces-Trade fair systems >

Product description

Project: Arista Diseño Showroom, Spain 2004
Design: Arista Diseño
System: constructiv PILA Office

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The flexible office

In a protected late Victorian building, we realised our concept for the flexible, modular and temporary office: a combination of zones for working, support, communication and interaction. Mobile meeting and office boxes get work moving – literally. Open spatial structures and individualized work cubes adapt flexibly to working rhythms. Various panels are used for active sound insulation, but also for graphic, typographic and colour design, to create a motivating work atmosphere.
In the mobile Office Box, we see the self-sufficient office taken to its logical conclusion – fully fitted, from electrical modules with computer and internet ports to lockable metal cabinets. Catering to the job nomad’s need for hyper-mobility, while providing a personal working environment. A think tank for meditative creativity, a lounge for informal meetings, or a workshop for intensive team sessions. Constructiv PILA Office – the mobile work station for the temporary office of the future.

The public space

The public space is difficult to manage in its multifunctionality. In the lobby areas of banks and public amenities, its architecture must provide privacy despite the public nature of the latter. With open structures and translucent materials, constructiv PILA Office permits both permanent communication with the public and acoustic protection for individual client consulting.
On the other hand, the public area is used temporarily Events, exhibitions and conventions succeed one another and call for moving areas in a static environment. Such as our mobile meeting, information or lounge boxes. Architecture is on the move. In public.

The system family of PILA is based on connectors made of high-grade steel in different sizes. The connectors are, with the supports and diagonal braces, the most important design elements of the system and are crucial for flexibility, handling and design potential.
The PILA systems are built either as an open structure that deliberately emphasizes the technical character, or as a supporting framework for walls or for glass or fabric panels, in which the system recedes completely into the background.