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constructiv CLIC Rund
constructiv CLIC Rund
Burkhardt Leitner >
Burkhardt Leitner >
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Modular spaces-Exhibition systems >
Modular spaces-Trade fair systems >
Modular spaces-Exhibition systems >
Modular spaces-Trade fair systems >

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Project: Insights, Design Center Stuttgart
Design: Design Center Stuttgart/ Frank Paul Kistner, Stuttgart
Size: 100 m2
System: constructiv CLIC Rund

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constructiv CLIC has to date evolved in a linear and orthogonal form – from the simple display system to a fully-fledged exhibition and shop system. And for this it has already won several international awards. And we really get round; constructiv CLIC Rund is venturing into the circulus virtuosus. Presenting itself in a plethora of rounded surfaces, describing an artistic curve around unimaginative exhibitions, and closing to form a rotunda of classic exhibition architecture. And thanks to magnetic forces, this crowd-puller fits together almost by itself, to put on presentations that are an all round success. Give your imagination free rein: constructiv CLIC Rund will follow all its tortuous paths.

constructiv CLIC Rund was first presented to the public at EuroShop 2002, and straight away won the innovation prize "Architecture and Presentation" awarded by the magazine AIT. A 6 m high semi-arch with a radius of 5 m blended into our double-storey exhibition stand – creating in an ironic and playful way a subtle and translucent allusion to the defensive turrets of bygone castles. constructiv CLIC Rund demonstrated here how the circular design impressively extends the designing and planning latitude of a display system. And by falling back on the basic components of constructiv CLIC achieves an impressive variety of features.