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The bulthaup water point is inset flush into the worktop made from laminate or stainless steel. Joints are avoided thanks to special laser technology, even with laminate worktops. The result is a seamless, esthetically appealing and easy-to-care-for worktop. The mixer faucet developed in-house by bulthaup can be operated with just one hand. Temperature and water flow can therefore be controlled with superb practicality, especially when hands are busy holding heavy pans and only a few fingers are free to activate the operating knob.

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In times of rapid change and complexity, people's desire for consistency and simplicity grows. bulthaup b1 makes everything simple. Its hallmarks are its focus on the essentials and the meticulous design of details.
Three elements come together to produce a kitchen: Island, wall line and tall unit block. At the heart of domestic life is the kitchen island, which is the centerpoint of communication in the kitchen. The wall line can be positioned freely on the wall thanks to its self-contained form. The tall unit block offers additional storage space and room for appliances.
With bulthaup b1, focus on the essentials means deliberate use of the right materials, such as alpine white matt paint as a front material, laminate and stainless steel for worktops, and solid ash as a bar top.