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The most important area in the kitchen is the worktop, with preparation and serving zones, a water point and a cooking area. In the classic fitted kitchen there are only two solutions, as the worktop is neglected. The innovative bulthaup b3 kitchen system and its practical function boxes, however, provide solutions that make the best possible use of this previously neglected area, the space between the worktop and the wall unit.

These function boxes provide storage for spices, oil and vinegar, kitchen tools, knives and small containers. In other words, everything you need to have on hand when preparing or serving food, cooking and cleaning. These function boxes conceal their contents behind easy-care glass fronts and offer excellent access when their doors are opened. The doors can be opened either completely or just halfway. In contrast to sliding doors, where one side is always hidden away, this solution keeps everything in view.

There are function boxes for all manner of uses that can be planned to suit individual needs. They are 60 cm wide, 63 cm tall and 12 cm deep. (interior depth 10 cm). Wing lights with fluorescent tubes are integrated, offering excellent illumination, a long service life and superlative energy efficiency. bulthaup has developed a function box with integrated mixer tap especially for the water point. It is positioned high enough to enable even bulky crockery to be rinsed easily and tall pots to be filled with water. Its mechanical parts are situated in the box under glass and do not need to be installed flush-mounted.

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A kitchen must be as versatile as its owner for them to truly enjoy it. bulthaup b3 creates the greatest possible diversity of options and, with its numerous design combinations, provides the freedom for the wishes, ideas and needs of the owner to take flight.
bulthaup b3 offers almost unlimited design freedom. The reason for this is the multi-functional wall that gives the room rhythm and balance. The elements of this system can be installed wall-hanging, floor-standing or foot-supported, depending on how much storage space is needed. With bulthaup b3, the area between the wall and base units can be used to create even more storage space, with functional boxes accommodating kitchen utensils or spices.
bulthaup b3 boasts a range of different materials and functions. The kitchen space therefore becomes the living space, which can be fluidly continued into other areas as required, such as the living room.

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When it comes to new materials that identify the kitchen as living space without making proven solutions obsolete, BULTHAUP is a connoisseur.