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Work board - Pasta board
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The bulthaup work board and bulthaup pasta board are made from glued solid maple wood. This means that they do not absorb moisture and retain their flat, beautiful shape. It has a stop edge on the front and fixing grips on the underside to prevent slipping on the worktops. An edge on the reverse ensures that flour and dough can't slip off the board.

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Accessories not only complement the bulthaup b3 design system, but they are also an attractive eye-catcher in the kitchen and living room and make great presents — even for yourself.

Accessories from bulthaup feature perfect functionality, workmanship and material quality. All cutting boards, with the exception of the bread cutting board, are oiled so that their surfaces are less sensitive to all the influences of use. The most important material in this area is wood, not only due to its natural beauty and touch, but most importantly because the anti-bacterial properties of wood make it so food-friendly. Glass, aluminum and porcelain are used for the beautiful and practical spice jars and storage containers. The new stoneware bread container draws in moisture and releases it very slowly, keeping the bread fresh and crisp for many days.