Key facts

Product description

Plastic plate (integrated electronics)
Alternatively fittable with
1 *Track LED globe, 2700 K, ca. 1,5 W/100 lm or
4 *Track LED globes, 2700 K, ca. 6 W/400 lm
With or without transparent, blue, red or orange plastic cover
Wire holder
Magnet holder
Mounting board (galvanized steel)
Converters to be ordered separately
230 V / 110 V, sec. 350 mA

Product family


O'Tool is a square, flat surface with almost invisible slots for LEDs, to be mounted on either ceiling or wall. You can install a single plate or add on as many others as you like. At the moment, each square features slots for either one or four *Track LED globes. Depending on the arrangement of the globes, various “light graphics” can be projected onto the surface. Plates without integrated electronics and slots can be used to create larger surfaces. O’Tool is available in matt white. Other colors are available on request. We plan to make O’Tool compatible with other lamps from our collection.