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OWAconsult collection | Deckensegel Curve
OWAconsult collection | Deckensegel
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Product description

Design at affordable prices
Curve 1 is a white, fleece-covered, fibreglass-based ceiling canopy module which is suspended from hooks and wires. Even the edges are white and finished so that the individual modules can be hung alone or arranged in formations. A major acoustic advantage: Curve 1 is an A-class absorber (sound absorption value 0.90). The nearly square 1200 x 1100 mm concave-shaped module can be covered with coloured fabric. This opens new design options for the ceiling.

Curve 2 – the attractive contender
The convex shape and smaller format of 1100 x 910 mm is the only difference between the „little brother“ Curve 2 and Curve 1. The combination of both formats provides options with impressive sound absorption performance and surface effects.

Product family


New ideas for canopies
With effective everyday solutions, OWA stirs up the ceiling canopy market.

Architecture reaches the ceiling – true to the BAU 2015 motto, OWA is presenting a newly developed ceiling canopy with which rooms can very quickly and specifically be „tuned“ for perfect acoustics. The new models are also particularly suitable and functional for rooms in which a conventional suspended ceiling is not possible such as when concrete soffits are used for cooling. Canto and Curve – the canopies‘ product names – provide high-end acoustics for everyday solutions.

Precisely specified room acoustics
The secret lies in the concept: various forms and formats enable clever combination possibilities. With them, rooms can be specifically (and economically) equipped to provide the desired acoustic attributes. And, in addition, the new OWAconsult® canopies of the collection also looks amazing.

Canto and Curve – understated and effective
Whether for the purposes of improving room acoustics or as highly effective basic equipment for a room – both ceiling canopy lines represent a financially interesting alternative to the classic forms of sound absorption. Their refined subtle design barely alters the character of a room, which is particularly beneficial to rooms with sound-reflecting surfaces.

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Brand story

Ulrich Büttner


OWA, based in the Bavarian town of Amorbach, has been developing ceiling systems since 1948; first in woodfibre, then in mineral wool. Its latest offering, the 'OWAconsult collection', treats the ceiling as a three-dimensional object, imbuing it with