In cooperation with the University for Applied Sciences at Hagenberg, Bene has developed a room module for meetings, brainstorming sessions and visual presentations: the NiCE Wall is a continuous, frameless and interactive wall that can be scaled up to 30 metres in length. It makes teamwork more efficient. Managers, designers, developers, advisers and sales people no longer have to work in their own “quiet chambers”; instead, they can work out future problems and share their solutions face-to-face – with each other and next to each other on the NiCE Wall.

This user-interface based wall enables interaction between up to seven people, all using their personal styluses at the same time. The NiCE Wall can be used in many different ways, from stationary show room or conference room to mobile trade show stand.

The technology retreats to the background and no longer gets in the way of direct communication. In addition, the seamless integration of traditional media, such as Post-Its and flipcharts, offers a low entry-barrier for less technically sophisticated employees, making their integration into digital work processes easier.

Like no other medium, the NiCE Wall ensures seamless, cross-generational integration between different work methods and user skills.