Product description

Perfect framework conditions.

With its functional frame for wall-oriented workstations, FRAME_S combines elements of storage, a dividing wall and a desk. It can be used to create workstations in an open-plan office that have a high degree of privacy and personal organisation options.

The FRAME_S modules are free-standing and can be arranged in any pattern desired. The standard module is 172 cm high and consists of a frame, a dividing wall and a tall cabinet. Even more storage space can be created when the Box is arranged overhead, bringing the total height up to 210 cm. There are 3 widths (86/123/173 cm) and 4 lengths (176/196/216/236 cm).

Instead of using desks, the niches can also be filled with stand-up tables or comfortable seating arrangements. In this manner, FRAME_S can create team areas for 3 to 6 persons.

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