Technology meeting design
Designed by Antonio Manaigo and Francesco Beghetto, Tonus reinterprets the most up-to-date techniques in aluminium extrusion in an innovative way, giving this seat a strong and harmonious identity.

Sinuous solidity
The distinctive marks of Tonus are the slender aluminium legs. Its design has been studied so that it can soundly support a curved wooden body whose sinuous lines give Tonus an unmistakeable style.

Leading design
Matching solidity and lightness gives Tonus the strength and elegance of a classical dancer: this way, on tiptoes, it becomes part of the panorama of contemporary design.

in extruded aluminium
black, white or red varnish
Multiply veneered or varnished wood
veneered elm, veneered walnut, varnished white, black or red

H 81cm, 47x49cm