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The heart of the house
In the past the living room was the centre of family life, the place where to spend the days and daily rite of living. Welcoming and versatile, its fulcrum was the table, around which the family identity was created and the most intimate moments were shared.

Essential hospitality
Contemporary rooms favour the mingling of house spaces where aspects of public and private family life live together. The Tai table adapts itself to this need: a simple and elegant presence accompanying daily activities and accommodating the most formal occasions.

Elegant everyday
The essential structure of the Tai table makes the functional and aesthetic requirements of everyday use contemporary. The profile of the legs in extruded, anodized or polished aluminium fits the side beams with great harmony. The fixed or extendable top can be glass or laminated and comes in different lengths and depths.

Traditional or extensible table.

Structure: anodised aluminium (natural aluminium, black) or painted (white)

Legs: anodised aluminium (aluminium, black), painted aluminium (white)

Glass tops: 8 mm thick back-painted. Tempered glass is heated to about 650° C and quickly cooled. This way, normal glass assumes an internal structure that makes it much more resistant than normal glass and, in the event of breaking, crumbles into small, dull pieces.

Glass finishes: Glass is available in both polished and opaque finishes.

Glass Portfolio colours: pure white, cloud white, parchment, dove grey, smoke, ebony. mustard, blue, loam yellow, lawn green, natural green, fire grey, titanium, hemp (opaque only), blackboard black (opaque only), red, ruby red, cement (opaque only)

Extensions: whitelaminated

Laminated top: laminated tops are 12 mm thick, in Ice white, milk white or grey finish.

Extensible tables mount a sliding system that allows the table to be simply and quickly elongated.
Extension: White laminated

H 75cm, 75-85-95-138 x 120-138-160-180cm