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Architonic stories of the year 2023: Products

James Wormald


A retrospective collation of the most popular product-referencing stories from Architonic’s magazine section. Featuring doorways, coffee tables, electric alternatives, terrazzo and cork.

Doors vs. alternatives: what's the best way to enter a ...

James Wormald


Doors have been the preferred method of moving around separated interiors for a long time, but are they still the best? Boasting more functionality and style, there are many other ways to enter a room.

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Achieving maximum flexibility (and style) with frameless ...

Brand story

Peter Smisek


Versatile, adaptable and space-saving, pocket doors offer unparalleled flexibility and fluidity in modern interiors. Ermetika’s frameless sliding door, the ‘Echo’, embodies these qualities in a sleek, functional design.

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