The modern work-space is a new world. Lit by a new glow. Personal, controllable, adaptable and remarkable. LIGHTPAD is elegant to look at and perfect to see with. The highest quality light optimises any environment. The unique double asymmetric light distribution is uniform and refreshingly reflection free. The infinite flexibility lets you imagine and re-imagine any configuration of up to four desks. It is controlled effortlessly with intelligence and intuition. And it does so much more than simply light an office beautifully. MyData Analysis means LIGHTPAD is a source of data as well as light.

Sensors integrated in the luminaire shed light on activity levels and energy consumed allowing you to improve efficiency and save costs. So LIGHTPAD is no mere fixture, it is an active part of any office. Sharing information, sharing illumination, shaping its output to suit individual needs. The world we work in is changing. Luckily, LIGHTPAD is blessed with technology which never stands still.