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STREAM turns office lighting upside down. The first ceiling light which doesn’t require mounting, as soon as STREAM is out of the box, it’s ready to shine. In the most effective and beautiful way. Its high-quality light comes via indirect light which has been beamed upwards. It then rolls out over an environment with the capacity to illuminate multiple desks. The lighting can also be personalised using the Tunable White technology. There is not a work-space which STREAM could not enhance with the unique atmosphere which it creates. And, as installation is simply unpacking, you can place STREAM anywhere. STREAM is also available with MyLights Remote which means you can control the office ambience via the app, programme lighting scenarios and control groups of luminaires simultaneously. Lighting an office can now be seen from a new perspective. And in a different light. The one which spreads from STREAM.

• Highest possible visual comfort thanks to 100 % indirect lighting
• Guaranteed glare-free: Stream Office meets all standards for office lighting
• Efficient and standard-compliant illumination of up to 4 workstations
• Mobile and can be positioned as required, stood on a table/desk or supplied with a stand
• Hinge to enable perfect alignment can be tilted from –25° to +25°
• Equipment box features a magnetic housing and can be attached to the stand, the table leg or in cable bracket on the desk

• Options: Table 350 mm (narrow beam), Low 1100 mm (narrow beam), High 1800 mm (widebeam)
• Luminous flux of luminaire : 6000 lm – 16'500 lm
• Control gear integrated into equipment box
• With pushbutton on the housing for switching and dimming
• Accessories: Operating module for the workplace for switching, dimming, presence detection and daylight control
• Accessories: External daylight and presence sensor for MyLights Remote and Tunable White versions, acoustic panel for improved light reflection and acoustics

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STREAM - Spreading a new light

A new kind of aesthetics
The STREAM uplight breaks the rules of classic lighting. While the luminaire impresses with its award-winning cylindrical design alone, its unique functionality with exclusively indirect light being reflected from the ceiling additionally creates a new kind of impressive aesthetics. STREAM is available in different versions and enhances any room - from offices to living rooms or studios - out of a completely new perspective.

Office lighting turned upside down
Office lighting becomes flexible, the quality of light remains undiminished and glare-free with maximum visual comfort. STREAM is ready for the dynamics of new forms of work. The innovative uplight only needs to be plugged in, and the powerful light beam brightens up the ceiling with such high-quality light that up to four workstations can be illuminated simultaneously in compliance with all applicable standards. No matter whether in an open-space office, a small start-up or an office at home: with STREAM, people no longer have to commit themselves.

Various models for different settings
There are three versions of STREAM available. The "Table" edition is ideal for placement directly on desks. The standing versions in two heights "Low" and "High", however, will match any interior. Moreover, the simple cylindrical shape can be tilted in all versions. STREAM is available in elegant white or classic black. It can be operated easily and intuitively directly via a single button on the luminaire, optionally via an additional control element or via an app.

Tunable White technology for increased well-being
STREAM is available as a Tunable White version with warm white and cool white light being continuously variable. The colour temperature can thus be adjusted to the course of daylight or controlled individually according to personal needs. Consequently, people's well-being is positively influenced according to the principles of Human Centric Lighting, which is a further advantage for use in the education or health sector.

Countless combinations
Its extraordinary flexibility allows STREAM to be used as a supplement to existing lighting concepts. In combination with our sound-absorbing acoustic panels in various formats, STREAM is also suitable for rooms with irregular ceilings, thus enhancing not only the lighting mood but also the acoustics in the room.

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