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See you at the office: homely and mobile furniture families ...

Tanja Pabelick


As we return to the office, how we view the workplace has changed. Dauphin is responding to our desire for collegial togetherness with furniture that creates comfortable and relaxed office environments which complement rather than compete with the

Adaptable workplace comfort with Atelier from Dauphin



Dauphin's Atelier series is an adaptable workplace seating range that combines comfort with solitary focus, collaboration, communication and restful retreat. Watch the video to learn more…

Dauphin's office lounge vibes

Gerrit Terstiege


Returning to office life when used to working from the comfort of home can be a shock. Dauphin's Lounge Vibes range eases the transition with cosy, flexible and individual office furniture.

Working and living in colour with Dauphin

Gerrit Terstiege


The strong, vibrant colours of Dauphin's modular Lounge Vibes collections allow specifiers of contract and private spaces to create atmospheric conditions and interiors, wherever the setting.

A more private Atelier by Dauphin

Gerrit Terstiege


The Atelier series from Dauphin Group's Lounge Vibes range allows users to meet and work together in an office environment with alternative private space for quiet, focussed or personal tasks.

Dauphin's new office chair Indeed encourages correct ...

Tanja Pabelick


Dauphin's new workspace chair Indeed by Rüdiger Schaack embodies contemporary demands for furniture that is not only flexible and functional, but sustainable and aesthetic, too.

Sharing is caring: DAUPHIN

Mareile Morawietz


Car- and bicycle-sharing services are nothing new, but how about chair-sharing? Enter DAUPHIN's Stilo ES modular office chair, which takes the concept a step further.

Architonic Story: DAUPHIN



Dauphin’s Fiore and Stilo ES chairs provide smart, colourful solutions for modern workspaces that, more and more, look to promote sharing and flexibility. Watch to find out more…

Balancing act: to-swift from TRENDOFFICE

Markus Hieke


Offices today increasingly radiate energy, agility and fun. Witness Trendoffice’s new ‘to-swift’ stool, which lets users stand-up and sit-down all at once.

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X-Code: Inspired by the world of running



The successful sport sector is a true pioneer in its field, using innovative technology to create lightweight, perfect fitting sport shoes. With their groundbreaking design, intricate construction and high-tech fibres, they promise to open up totally

Atelier: Concentrating on the “central zone”



Open office concepts encourage communication, but they can also be perceived by some employees as being disruptive, for instance when they are trying to concentrate on their work. Individually planned central zones counter this by establishing a

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