Krefeld Regional Court is one of the six regional courts in the district of Düsseldorf Higher
Regional Court. It has existed since 1906 and since 1920 it has been based in an imposing historic building in Krefeld. A few thousand criminal and civil law cases are heard here each year. For the cafeteria, the intention is that colourful seating that can be moved around flexibly yet is still comfortable should create a relaxed atmosphere for people enjoying a break.

The spacious cafeteria, which is kitted out with Dauphin Siamo chairs in lots of vibrant and
fresh colours, is an inviting place to enjoy a delicious meal or a small snack and to relax and recharge your batteries. With their wide array of colours, the chairs offer the perfect contrast to the cafeteria and can be stacked and transported easily. This means they can be easily
and quickly rearranged or stored away to save space, depending on what is required.

Landgericht Krefeld