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Zieta Prozessdesign studio was established in 2010 by Oskar Zieta – an architect and innovator, the CEO of Zieta Prozessdesign. We are a transdisciplinary team of architects, designers, engineers and technologists. Our main goal is to design the process of production through finding the best technology and materials in order to provide our future customer with unique and customized design pieces. We improve the efficiency of transport and

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Metal modified through precision-controlled design



Oskar Zieta is arguably one of Poland’s most renowned designers. He is also Head of Industrial Design at the New School of Form in Poznań (2010) created by Li Edelkoort, where he is now, continuing his ambitious path to innovate, create, produce,


Blow up Blech

Nora Schmidt


Der Architekt Oskar Zieta vom CAAD-Lehrstuhl der ETH Zürich im Interview


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