Partitions are semi-permanent, nonloadbearing walls which are employed in modern offices to subdivide large, open spaces, to create either private offices, meeting rooms, or lounge areas.

There is a wide choice in partitions, and manufacturers offer systems that are easily adaptable to every particular situation. For example, Klein Europe’s ‘Extendo’, a frameless, sliding, glass partition, is ideal for separating meeting rooms from the work floor while retaining visual contact between them, and is available for openings of up to 5.1 metres.

Feco’s ‘fecophon’ systems of partitions is specifically designed for sound insulation and absorption, contributing to a calmer, more pleasant working environment. Another practical solution by the same manufacturer is ‘fecoschrank’, where a system of cabinets and cupboards either serve as wall-to-ceiling partitions, or combined with glass panels, semi-transparent walls.

Prosaically named, ‘Partitions’ by TECNO is also a system of modular cabinets and panels. They are available in a wide variety of materials, such as glass, aluminium, polycarbonate and wood, and used to produce diverse partitions according to users’ specifications. Another way to enliven the interior is to combine large, flush panels of glass, wood, as well as coloured privacy screens, as is the case in Strähle’s ‘System 2300’. ‘LO QUB Sideboard’, designed by Carmen and Urs Greutmann Bolzern for Lista Office, are small, colourful storage cabinets, stacked on one another to create a playful and practical partition.

Illustrating another way to integrate storage within partitions, Joe Colombo mounts cabinets and shelves onto a veneered panel, which lies flush with the glass, in his ‘WL Partition’ for TECNO.

But of course, not all partitions need to be closed. Manufactured by Poesia, ‘Monoforo’ is a hollow glass brick with coloured edges which enables either porous, closed, or even textured partitions to be built. And finally, Janne Kyttänen’s ‘Macedonia space divider’ for Freedom Of Creation is a modular partition system composed of polycarbonate hexagons, which can be easily extended or dismounted, and which allows whimsical colour combinations, creating an informal, soft boundary.

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