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Space partition-Wall partition systems >
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Product description

• Flush single-pane or double glazing
• Frameless structural glazing construction method
• Glueing of glass panes onto aluminium base frame
• Width of glued area only 20 mm all-around
• Wall thickness 105 mm, flush with solid wall and door elements
• Permanent, UV-resistant, surface-homogeneous glueing
• Glass frame without central joint in the double-glazing cavity
• Prefabrication of double-glazed elements ex works ensures cleanness of internal glass surfaces
• Venetian blinds can be centrally integrated in double-glazing cavity
• Base frame from anodised aluminium, adhesive aluminium-coloured
• Sound insulation test certificates for glass wall Rw,P = 32 dB up to 47 dB
• Sound insulation test certificates for top glazing wall Rw,P = 37 dB up to 49 dB

Product family


Frameless glass visions
Transparency and flush design are the expression of contemporary architecture. fecostruct is the equivalent in construction. Especially impressive is the glueing of the frameless flush glazing onto the concealed aluminium frame, which is only 20 mm wide. The result is completely level glass walls, which are fascinating and yet so natural.

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