Product description

• Single-pane or double glazing flush with the wall
• Aluminium glass frame with a 20 mm width all-around
• Wall thickness 105 mm, flush withsolid wall and door elements
• Undivided glass frame in the double glazing cavity (without central joint)
• Prefabrication of double-glazed elements ex works ensures cleanness of internal glass surfaces
• Venetian blinds can be integratedcentrally in the double glazing cavity
• Surfaces optionally finished with anodised aluminium or powder-coated in RAL-colours
• Sound insulation test certificates for glass wall Rw,P = 32 dB up to 47 dB
• Sound insulation test certificates for top glazing wall Rw,P = 37 dB up to 49 dB

Product family


First-class framework conditions
Be it as flush single- pane or double glazing – discreet, slender 20 mm aluminium profiles provide the appropriate framework for offices. Not a single joint disturbs the trans-parency. Due to its large cavity, the double glazing achieves exemplary sound insulation results of up to Rw,P = 47 dB. Discretion, too, can be integrated on request. Maintenance-free Venetian blinds can be integrated in the double glazing cavity.