Product family


Conventional street lights primarily brighten horizontal areas. However, this is not sufficient to design an outdoor area impressively. SUPERSYSTEM outdoor includes both vertical as well as horizontal areas in the lighting concept – the spatial structure can thus also be experienced at night. Unique visual comfort is produced by division of the amount of light: Light emitted from multiple tubes prevents too high light pressure, limits the glare and distinguishes the luminaire as visually restraining lighting tool.

As a modular luminaire family, SUPERSYSTEM outdoor fulfils many different outdoor lighting tasks – always precise because every tube is equipped with the respective appropriate optics, with every angle of inclination and opening angle oriented to the object to be illuminated. Such precise light control ensures outstanding glare suppression, prevents scattered light and thus also light pollution. In combination with a lighting control system, a multi-zone luminaire also provides the possibility to specifically vary luminous intensities and contrasts to, for example, establish night-time movement zones due to better well-being.