Key facts


Free-standing LED luminaire with SWARMCONTROL

The SFERA free-standing LED luminaire has set new standards on account of its flexibility, adaptability and individual lighting quality at the workstation. It provides perfect light while meeting the highest demands in terms of energy efficiency. This is made possible by combining SENSCONTROL III with the new, innovative SWARMCONTROL technology, which is used in this luminaire for the very first time:

SWARMCONTROL is the latest feature developed to cope with more exacting requirements in the working environment. Even in case of frequent changes to the room layout, this technology allows to provide constantly good, adjustable light for every staff member. The control system is based on automatic configuration of the free-standing luminaires in an office to form a swarm, and on the luminaires’ synchronisation with each other. SWARMCONTROL provides two key functions – the corridor function and the presence-based function. The corridor function makes people feel safe and helps them find their way. The luminaires are dimmed up successively thanks to a built-in presence detector, showing people their way to the workstation. At the workstation, the presence-based function ensures ideal lighting conditions with a mean illuminance level of up to 500 lux. Yet every staff member can adjust the lighting quantity at any time to suit his/her personal preferences. Via radio signals transmitted to the luminaire’s neighbouring luminaires, a so-called light cloud is created that conjures up a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Over and above this, an ideal lighting situation is guaranteed that provides greater visual comfort for the various tasks to be fulfilled and has a positive impact on the staff members’ performance.

No additional software is required for configuration of the luminaires. Even if the workstations are rearranged in the office, SWARMCONTROL can adjust the lighting to the changed room situation.

SENSCONTROL III is the latest version of Zumtobel’s adaptive lighting management system that individually adjusts the quantity of light to the respective room situation and the user’s needs.

Thanks to the patented MPO+ optic, the luminaire ensures glare-free lighting, which is especially useful for computer work. Luminous flux levels of approx. 6,600 lumens, a low installed load of approx. 72 W and LEDs with a service life of as many as 50,000 hours make this luminaire particularly sustainable. The light-weight and transparent appearance of the luminaire head emphasises the contemporary design of SFERA.