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Product description

Sconfine Sfera spherical pendant luminaires provide an impressive lighting effect due to their partly transparent luminaire unit with chrome coating. Besides directly emitted light, light is reflected inside the luminaire unit, making it seem to float. The lamps or the LED module is visibly located in the spherical luminaire unit. An opal inner sphere ensures optimum glare control while - in conjunction with the chrome coating - enhancing the impression of plasticity and room depth.

Sconfine Sfera is available with various different light sources, from energy-saving lamps through to advanced LED technology. This makes it ideal for many different applications, allowing to optimally adjust it to its respective use.

Sconfine Sfera with the high-performance LEXEL LED module combines all the familiar benefits of Zumtobel’s Tempura LED spotlights and downlights with a striking design.

Product family


The electronic ballast is always fitted in the longer luminaire end piece. There is an option of switchable or dimmable control gear.
The suspended tube is made from high-quality polycarbonate with a translucent diffuser-pearl optic with chrome coloured end pieces.