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Product description

PANOS INFINITY opens up a new dimension of lighting quality, efficiency and design. Four different reflector surface finishes provide for glare control up to UGR 19, making PANOS INFINITY also perfectly suitable for offices and communication areas. Via a DALI signal, it can also be integrated into various control systems. With its outstanding luminaire efficiency of more than 100 lm/W, the new PANOS INFINITY+ Stable White luminaire takes the lead among all downlights currently available on the market. Even with respect to colour rendering, it outperforms all LED downlights, with an Ra level of over 90. The technology used almost covers the entire light spectrum – including the long-wave red range, which is of key impor tance but poorly covered by many less sophisticated LED technologies. PANOS INFINITY Tunable White – a downlight offering dynamic light colours and top lighting quality. The perfect solution for office applications to support people’s circadian rhythm, or in shops and museums to respond flexibly to different materials and colours of objects.

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