Product description

LQ — Chandeller 1 x 4
colour versions chrome plated
Material plastic
steel suspension cord / transparent feed line / system compatible, can be assembled to form chandeliers
4 x LED board, 3 W per board

H 320 x W b1 275 / b2 275 mm


“L Q” is a humorous reference by the New York architect Hani Rashid to Louis Quatorze, the Sun King. The application of certain geometrical principles, the focussing of miniature faces into a multi-facetted reflector, and the accurate arrangement of innovative LED light sources is all it takes to create exciting visual effects, a complex relational texture of form and light.
The basic unit of the modular chandelier consists of four LED modules, each fitted with 3 LEDs of 1.2 W each. A highly distinctive feature is the downwardly opening tulip-shaped design of the chrome-plated components, which emphasises the chandelier’s avant-garde look.