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Slimmer design and great lighting quality: a design revolution has been made possible by integrating LEDs into the frame of the new LIGHT FIELDS evolution pendant luminaire. With a height of just 28 mm, this slim-line lighting module accomplishes demanding lighting projects in office environments with effortless ease.

LIGHT FIELDS evolution meets exacting visual requirements in the workplace thanks to its unique MPO+ micro-pyramidal optic. This optic is precisely tuned to suit the distribution characteristics of the LED lighting points and guarantees glare-free light (UGR < 19 and L65 < 1,500 cd/m2) with a highly diffuse light distribution. This makes reflected glare on notebooks and tablets a thing of the past.

Besides perfect workplace lighting, the balanced ratio of indirectly and directly guided light produced by the surface-mounted and pendant luminaire versions of LIGHT FIELDS evolution cannot fail to impress. The homogeneous indirect component of this slim-line lighting module provides an open room atmosphere and well-balanced lighting. With a luminaire efficiency factor in excess of 105 lm/W at 4,000 K, this LED luminaire makes a significant contribution towards sustainable and energy-efficient added value in a commercial setting. There are boundless application possibilities thanks to a wide variety of designs: LIGHT FIELDS evolution is available as a recessed, surface-mounted, pendant or free-standing luminaire and as a wallwasher.

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