The essence of wide-area lighting. This modular media luminaire represents the latest generation of lighting, using diffuse, wide-area light as a flexible design element for ceilings, walls and objects. CIELOS is not a custom-made item, yet it is tailored to the user’s needs. Easy to assemble and install, easy to maintain. This is what makes CIELOS highly attractive, even for smaller rooms. Even just a single lighting module will create a pleasant, emotional atmosphere that is enhanced as each new module is added. Each module is uniformly illuminated right up to the edge, thus combining smoothly to form a luminous ceiling.
The CIELOS luminaire stays in control of the situation in any position. All versions can be used as a solo performer or as part of a luminaire cluster. The fact that fixing and installation are completed in just a few simple steps is a feature that appeals to the practicallyminded. There are surface mounting and pendant options for ceilings.
CIELOS can be fixed directly onto walls as a vertical design feature.