Product description

AERO II LED is one of the first 100% LED luminaires using indirect and direct light components, setting a milestone in general office lighting. Thanks to the possibility of controlling the indirect and direct light components separately, just one luminaire is enough to create a variety of lighting scenes. Thus, AERO II LED can provide the appropriate lighting ambience for every activity.

AERO II Hybrid
AERO II Hybrid combines the benefits of T16 and LED in one luminaire. It is highly efficient and allows individual lighting scenes. LEDs are responsible for active lighting using the direct light component, while T16 fluorescent lamps with high luminous flux packages provide indirect ambient lighting. Thanks to the combination of T16 and LED, very calm and balanced light is produced that upgrades any workstation.


Well-equipped offices are characterised by high-quality lighting. If the workstations are flexible and electronic media are used, the requirements placed on the luminaires are even higher. Innovative systems such as AERO II – installed either as individual luminaires or in continuous rows – offer a well-balanced solution especially suited for screen-based work. Thanks to the combination of waveguide technology and micro-pyramidal optic, desk positions no longer depend on the luminaires installed.

The AERO II wrote a new chapter in the history of lighting technology. In terms of design and lighting technology, the new AERO II is based on the classic AERO luminaire by Ettore Sottsass. Its highquality waveguide technology with micro-pyramidal optic set new standards in lighting quality. The 100% LED version goes even further by exploiting the LED‘s potential not only for direct lighting, but also for indirect lighting. By integrating LEDs in a consistent design concept, efficiency and quality have now been combined at the highest level.

The brilliant light provided by AERO II LED luminaires with separately controlled direct and indirect light components creates an energised lighting atmosphere for demanding activities. Thanks to innovative waveguide technology, lighting solutions can be developed that provide maximum visual comfort, allow flexible arrangement of workstations and are extremely energy-efficient.

For AERO II LED, highly efficient LEDs are used for direct and indirect lighting. Light source, reflector and optics are arranged in such a way that the light emitted from the luminaire is not only as efficient but also as uniform as possible. Depending on the length of the luminaire, the installed load is between 96 W and 120 W. Waveguide luminaires have been designed especially for use in modern offices, where flexible workstations comprising a wealth of electronic media place high requirements on the lighting system. Innovative systems such as AERO II provide the perfect solution by adding light from hidden sources. Thus, both upright and steeply inclined displays remain free from annoying reflections – no matter where the luminaire is positioned.