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Tafla C1 Mirror Inox
Tafla C Mirror
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Product description

TAFLA C Mirror from Zieta Collection is made of polished stainless steel using FiDU technology based on air-inflated metal. TAFLA C series of steel mirrors presents bionic forms with a geometric simplicity and respect for proportions. Reflecting the surroundings, it is like a mirror to another dimension of reality.

Material: polished stainless steel

Colour: inox

Dimensions: H: 225cm, W: 99cm, D: 6 cm

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Mirrors from the TAFLA collection come in numerous shapes and sizes: TAFLA O, TAFLA C and TAFLA Q and IQ. Some of them are characterized by a geometric simplicity and respect for proportions, some are distinguished by a soft line of organic form. There is such a diversity that arranging them together reminds of storytelling.

Like other projects by Oskar Zięta, the TAFLA mirrors are made by joining two pieces of steel, which then gain a third dimension in the process of filling with compressed air. The geometric shapes of the TAFLA C mirrors are minimalist and modern. Hang them on a wall and they will resemble pieces of broken glass or lost minerals.

The geometric TAFLA C comes in six different sizes – it can be arranged in an artistic personalized composition or exposed on a wall as a single sculpture-like mirror.