FIREFLY is a group of four sculptural lamps created by Oskar Zięta’s studio using FiDU technology. Lean and minimalistic skylights, sculpted with air, are the first FiDU objects integrated with the light source. The light, radiating from the inside of the openwork forms, reflects on the ventral surfaces covered with special light-dissipating paint.

Sculptures integrated with the architecture

The sculptural skylights were designed in 2017 as part of the Skanska’s Holm House investment – a residential complex built in accordance with the guidelines of the Breeam environmental certificate and the "Object without barriers" certificate. “Holm” is a Scandinavian word for a small island – a metaphor of how the Holm House building in Warsaw was created. The idea behind the architectural project was to arrange both the indoor and the outdoor space in accordance with the Scandinavian philosophy of quality, respect and understanding of human needs.

Experiment with public space

For Oskar Zięta, the FIREFLY project was an experiment with both semi-public and public space. Zięta intended to smoothly link the Holm House building’s interior with the external common space. The skylights were designed especially for this location as an element corresponding with the TAFLA mirrors installation located in the building’s entrance hall.

FIREFLY sculptures were created from open-work profiles in FiDU technology. It was a new technological challenge, which resulted in modern forms that adorn the space and generate light frontally. The cut-out space with light fixtures by Es-System was painted with a special white paint that additionally reflects the light and creates an effect of a glowing firefly. The lamps are made of stainless steel, a durable and timeless material that also reflects the surrounding in its mirror-polished inox surface.

FiDU and light

FIREFLY sculptural group is a landmark, a gathering point. Something that is visible during the day and focuses attention in the dark. Each one of the sculptures is unique, with different proportions ratio of the cut-out element to the base. They are discreet and, contrary to ordinary lamps, they rather suggest light than impose it.

FIREFLY is Oskar Zięta’s first design, where light has been used as a permanent, integral part of a sculpture created in FiDU technology.

Form: 4 Inox Profiles
Material: Inox, super-polished
Height: 365 cm
Lighting fixtures: Es-System


Zieta Prozessdesign Architects

Project Partner

Project Management: Teresa Dąbrowska

Project Partner

Structural Engineers: Nobo Solutions

Property Owner | Client

Holm House by Skanska

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