The CHIPPENSTEEL is the most extravagant design in FIDU. Created as a result of research on material behaviour in FIDU forming method, it discovers new – more complex possibilities and opens new ways in FIDU shaping technology. FIDU technology means that two ultra-thin steel sheets are welded together around their edges and inflated under high pressure to give a 3d object. FIDU enables mass production of individualized shapes. Forms made in FIDU are very light but also very durable. Thanks to the flexibility that the technology gives, the pattern of the chair can be multiplied to customize its length, width and height of the chair.

The chairs are also offered at Moss Gallery in New York, Karena Schuessler gallery in Berlin, Skalar gallery in Hudson, NY and at Tools Galerie in Paris.

Raw lacquer steel version products are designed to have an industrial look so they can have few scratches or rust stains on a surface underneath the lacquer.

inox, raw laquered