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With MIUT, ZEITRAUM is reinterpreting aproven sleeping system: the box springbed. The aim was to give this internationally proven, comfortable technology fromthe U.S. a lighter, contemporary appearance- without sacrificing comfort. As opposed to conventional box spring beds, MIUT is not superficialy opulent. Its unobtrusive appearance draws attention to the subtleties of its visual and tactile details: its finely differentiated, slim contour lines, a mattress that conveys a feeling of security, strong double seams or the turned solid wood feet. From a formal perspective MIUT does not dominate a room; rather it conforms to different architectural environments. MIUT is suitable for both the hotel and private sector: the clearance under the bed, the wall panel MIUT PANEL with its freely suspended shelves and a comfortable changing of linen make it an ideal solution for hotels. Benefits that arealso appreciated in private bedrooms.

MIUT BOARD – the delicately shaped, solid wood headboard corresponds formally to the padded head board of the box spring bed MIUT COMFORT. What’s special about the headboard is its ne and detailed shape. As opposed to conventional box spring beds, the MIUT BOARD headboard has a soft and light expression. Its calm aesthetics highlight the subtle detailing: the nely differentiated slender shape is CNC milled and hand- nished. The bed’s cone-shaped body conveys a feeling of warmth and security.
MIUT BOARD is suitable for both hotels and homes. Thanks to the mattress lying atop the frame, it is easy to change bedclothes. The clearance under the bed allows suf cient air circulation, thus creating
a healthy climate in the bedroom: bene ts that are perfect for hotels and are also appreciated at home.