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Ido I 2286
Ido 2286
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Seating-Bar stools >

Product description

Frame in solid oak or Canaletto walnut, natural painted. Footrest in satin-finished stainless steel.

Product variants


The former bearing passepartout seating, the latter being higher for kitchen counters, cafés and restaurants. Small objects whose beauty and practicality of use is tied to the details: the slightly convex wooden seating, the technical element of the steel tie-rod contrasting nicely with the selected wood type, in natural oak or Canaletto walnut, both when coloured or left raw, and encapsulated in a simple triangle that may also become a footrest.

“Inspired by the classic Giotto stool by Zanotta that celebrated its 40th birthday in 2015, I proposed a new design for a wooden seating, based on my previous work with the company. Ivo is a simple and robust stool, created in natural oak or Canaletto walnut with steel reinforcing tie-rods. I sought out a technical element to contrast with the wood that would be functional yet could also render a certain character to the product. The metal elements have finishing in diverse colours, connecting to the wooden legs to give vitality to a durable and solid product.
Zanotta asked me to design a higher version that could be used in cafés and restaurants. We thus named the stool ‘Ido’ to accompany its little brother Ivo. After having experimented with various steel tie-rods, I concluded that a simple triangle would serve