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Vinko Wine Cabinet
Zanat >
Harri Koskinen >
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Storage-Cabinets >
Storage-Cabinets >

Product description

The primary objective behind the design of Vinko cabinet was to create a fine storage unit for clients who care about not only the quality of wine they drink, but also how it is stored, displayed and served. Vinko offers options for storing, cooling and even serving wine, other beverages and fine wine glasses on its shelves and inside its doors. The height of the cabinet also makes a perfect bar that can be used in homes, wine cellars, offices or hospitality establishments interested in creating a special corner for wine lovers. The inside of the cabinet is customizable to fit other uses. The designer, Harri Koskinen, found a brilliant use for Zanat’s signature carvings on a cabinet whose outer appearance communicates strength and simple Nordic elegance. The carvings between the front doors create a zipper-like seam, while the “shoehorn” carvings on the inside of the doors, not only look nice, but also stop wine glasses from sliding out when the door is moved. Standard version of the cabinet comes with an untypical wine-rack made of rounded beams in solid wood.
Vinko is available in maple, ash, oak, cherry and walnut versions.
W 142 D 67 H 123 cm