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The Farns Highboard

Sideboards from Walter Knoll, Designed by EOOS

Product description

Incredible architecture and structure: The mirrored drawers and doors of The Farns can be opened 180 degrees. A furniture piece with many faces, for countless lighting moods – The Farns is a sideboard or buffet table, a highboard or lowboard, a cabinet or bar, a shelf or a body of light.


House in house
It is a striking, small building in a living space. More architecture than furniture. More statement than server. The Farns is as clear and innovative as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s “Farnsworth House” was at the time – the prototype of all glass buildings. A landmark in every living landscape. Like the timelessly valid architecture of modernity, The Farns also plays with light and shade, with shape and geometry, wood and glass. A modern spacious bungalow, fascinating by day and night, open on all sides, transparent and accessible – always the center of attention.
The Farns is a grown-up version of the sideboard. It can be used as a luminaire, make a statement within a particular space – like a bungalow in a park. The doors of The Farns can be opened 180 degrees creating a spatial item with a range of faces for innumerable lighting effects. The Farns furnishes every living landscape with a secret. The mirrored panels make the inside seem endless. Construction and statics? Remain a mystery. And even when The Farns stands against a wall, the mirrored panels magic it into a light board – transparent, resolute and straightforward. A sideboard that is like a gallery, a true tribute to the Bauhaus.
Manufacturer Walter Knoll
Family The Farns Program
Architonic ID 20041025
Year of Launch 2019

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