HOS 3D Mass

Natural composites from ZADTA TECH

Product description


HOS 3D Mass has been created by Zadta Tech specially for manufactures of furniture, interior modules, products designs, packaging, and various construction elements (prefabricated wall panels, blocks, etc.).

The basic methods of working with this biomass are hand-sculpting, compression molding and casting of 3D forms. Once dried, the material solidifies and becomes like wood, hard and firm. Its exceptional strength allows to use HOS 3D Mass for any kind of functional purposes: to create personalized interiors, floors, furniture, etc.

The technical specifications of HOS 3D Mass can be adjusted according to a client's requirements. To those who have difficulty implementing a complex project, professional aid can be provided. In collaboration with an industrial partner, Zadta Tech has developed a special HOS diffusor that makes plastering with HOS even quicker and easier. The diffusor will soon be available for purchase.

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Manufacturer ZADTA TECH
Family HOS 3D Mass
Architonic ID 1317107
Year of Launch 2014

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