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moebius Bu
moebius Bu
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This table acts similar to its related moebius Cube, not only as a table but also as shelf. It can store books, magazines, or a bottle. This material system follows the bottom-up principle. At first, it has no further qualities than its own formal logic. Within such a system each part is similar. Being informed, several of them might be slightly modified to serve a different purpose in the whole assembly. In our case there are elements with two or three rounded corners to allow for a smooth transition from horizontal to vertical planes. The edge elements need to be further sanded to offer some comfort while touching the structure.

Finally, to be not purely functional... In such a directed system the length could vary but in this case the length is set, to explore the potential of varying the individual position. Squeezing the planes offers not only to breaking out of the rectangular plane it allows for some ornamental quality through differently overlapping elements.

L x w x h 45 x 45 x50