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Parksafe 582
Parksafe 582
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Parksafe 582 is an automatically controlled parking system with a vertical lift and storage shelves arranged on both sides. A shuttle on the vertical lift opens the access to the second row. Tower, shaft and tower/shaft arrangements are possible with entrance at bottom, top or in between. The system can include up to 3 rows of parking places either side of the vertical conveyor. The Parksafe dispenses with the need for ramps and driving lanes, offers security against theft, damage and vandalism and is environmentally friendly in respect of its compact construction and reduced emission of exhaust gases. General running costs (lighting, ventilation, routine maintenance etc.) are less than for conventional multi-storey car parks.

- automatic parking system for stacking cars on top of each other within a very small floor plan area.
10 - 80 cars in max. 30 levels
- an be supplied as tower (above ground), shaft (below ground) or tower/shaft variants
- multiple row arrangements are possible with 1, 2 or 3 rows beside the vertical lift
- adaptable to individual project requirements
- integrated turntable option
- safe and secure parking of cars with safety advantages for users
- fast access times (dependent upon number of levels and lifts)
- different car heights can be accommodated
- large, luxury cars of up to 2.50 tonnes weight (e.g. Mercedes-Benz/ BMW/ Jaguar) can be accommodated.
- easy operation with several control options (e.g. magnetic card, remote control)