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Levelparker 570
Levelparker 570
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Building mater...-Automatic parking systems
Building mater...-Automatic parking systems


An automatic parking system for 10 to 50 cars in up to 5 levels and at least 2 rows of parking platforms. Adaptable to individual project requirements. Multi-row arrangement with 2 to 4 rows behind one another are possible. The Level Parker 570 provides space-saving parking by moving the vehicles closer together on one ore more levels. Each parking level consists of at least 2 rows of platforms arranged behind one another. At each level, the movement of the platforms takes place in a controlled cyclical procedure with longitudinal and transverse movements when a particular platform has been requested at the control point. A vertical conveyor connects the entrance/exit bay with the parking levels, which can be above ore below ground.

- safe/secure parking of cars with safety advantages for users (no lifts or dark staircases required)
- no access ramps or driving lanes
- integrated turntable option
- large, luxury cars of up to 2.50 tonnes weight (e.g. Mercedes-Benz/ BMW/ Jaguar) can be accommodated.
- different car heights can be accommodated
- easy operation with several control options
- the automatic Level Parker offers security against theft, damage and vandalism and is environmentally friendly in respect of its compact construction and reduced emission of exhaust gases.
- general running costs (lighting, ventilation, routine maintenance etc.) are less than for conventional multistorey car parks