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Parklift 450
Parklift 450 | Mechanic parking systems
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Parklift 450-185 (335)

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The new Parklift 450 is designed to replace its predecessor, the Parklift 440. The advantages of this newly redeveloped system lie in the reduced installation dimensions, while the vehicle dimensions remain unchanged.
Parklift 450
The new Parklift 450 system makes its launch on the market with some absolutely innovative advantages and a great deal to offer in terms of aesthetics.
The new Parklift 450 also offers maximised installation dimension flexibility. Here the trend is to shift away from the rigidly set, 15 cm clearance increments in as far as the pit-depths are concerned and to move toward increased clearance flexibility. In fact, the newly designed pit depths provide for 5 cm clearance increments.
Compared to predecessor models, the Parklift 450 furthermore features a clear ceiling height that is 5 cm less, without any reduction to the usual vehicle heights.
How does this come about?
The previous models feature an elevated platform for drainage of the water accumulating in the relative parking spaces, where the water drains down from the platform into drainage channels. The newly developed systems have done away with the elevation and have resolved the drainage issues by slightly sloping the platform giving it a minimal, 2% inclination.
The single systems are engineered for 2 cars, the double systems for 4 cars.

- mechanically-driven car parking system
- clear ceiling height reduced by 5 cm
- pit depths and platform clearances now in 5 cm clearance increments – for previous models, only 15 cm clearance increments are possible
- car heights of 150 cm - 205 cm still possible
- parking place widths of up to 270 cm still possible for the single systems
- parking place widths of up to 540 cm still possible for the double systems
- parking space loads: 2000 kg and 2600 kg
- the base of the drive plates is constructed in hot-dip galvanised trapezoidal sheeting
- higher-value / higher-quality versions available on demand
- 1 driving aisle = 2 parking levels = cost savings
- independent parking processes
- minimised maintenance costs
- maximised operational and functional system safety [German TÜV tested | CE certified]