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A massive intense Illuminated Mandala sculpture inspired by Islamic patterns which have been translated into three dimensions through the extrusion of the complex interlocking geometry. made from lasercut stainless steel frames, chrome plated brass components, ballchain. Illuminated by a combination of surface mounted and suspended G4 Halogen lamps. mandala no.2 is a ’shallower’ version than mandala no.1 with a more evident pattern from any angle

Colour: Black/ Diamond
Lamp Type: 24 x G4-Halogen 12V 10 Watt Lamps (240W) or LED
Shade size: 1000w x 500h mm / Total height: 1400mm
Packaging: 1140mm(w) x 1140mm(l) x 390mm(h)

Class III
I/P Rating 52
Q/C Rating 21

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A collection of Illuminated sculptural art forms inspired by sacred geometry and Islamic patterns. Illuminated by a combination of G4 halogen and/or LED lighting systems. They can on request, be tailored and customised to the specific needs of their environment.