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Sprintbok Ash
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Product description

The SprintBok, made of ash wood, fits in effortlessly to its surroundings and blends in beautifully to all interiors.

Powered 100% by the user’s legs, the SprintBok knows no pace limitations. Whether endurance run, sprints or interval training – the SprintBok perfectly absorbs any running pace thanks to its ball bearing slats.

The inward curved form of the slat belt gives the manual treadmill an upper edge for a natural running experience. Depending on how the body’s center point of gravity is varied, the runner can change pace and rhythm at any point. Compared to motorized treadmills, runners will experience a more intense, more effective running session in with a higher calorie burn, due to more strength input.

The SprintBok measures 70,87" x 27,56" x 55,12" inch (180 x 70 x 140 cm) and weighs 264 lb (120 kg).

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High-grade materials

62 sound- and shock-absorbing laminated wood slats guarantee substantial noise reduction when the treadmill is in use. Shock-absorbing natural rubber inserted between the slats and belt ensure a comfortable running feel, as experienced with real trail running.

The natural, linoleum-coated wooden slats are non-slip for self-powering the treadmill, even with a wet surface. The powder-coated, black handlebar is designed to elegantly fit into the curved design, providing the user with the perfect support when getting on/off the treadmill, as well as with a steady grip at any time during a workout.

The motorless SprintBok is based on the principle that when the foot lands, it can power the slat belt backwards. The curved running surface, with horizontal and vertical contours, further enhances the pulling down- and backward of the belt – perfect for a more natural pace.

During the foot’s strike phase, the runner’s body weight and center of gravity will contribute to pulling the slat belt down- and backward. The strike point is always slightly ahead of the body’s center of gravity. The high-quality, ball-bearing wood slats are able to reduce horizontal friction during the strike phase. Less friction when landing on the belt will further fire up runners’ muscles.

The performance monitor is mounted at the top of the handlebar and can be adjusted in angle to suit all users. Wires and electronics are hidden within the handlebar.

The pre-installed tablet monitor displays all relevant performance data. The app can be used for in various modes for:
-free training
-scenery runs
-exercise trails