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Ellipticals from Technogym, Designed by Antonio Citterio

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Eye-capturing design, innovative functions, cutting-edge technology: Cross Personal is the cross trainer that turns training into a multisensory experience.

Innovation and technology, design, craftsmanship and careful attention to every detail merge in thiscross trainer to transform your time dedicated to well-being into a pleasant and comfortable experience, in every possible way.

Designed by Antonio Citterio and conceived according to the "Human Centric" concept (focus on man), Cross Personal sums up the Technogym experience and all the latest developments in the biomechanical and technological fields. The result is a high end product where each and every aspect is designed to bring you results in

Cross Personal is a lot more than just a cross trainer. It is an actual design accessory dedicated to your well-being: highly advanced yet very intuitive, accessible and easy to use.

Created to add a stylish touch to every space, it is the perfect solution for homes or hotels wishing to offer a special service experience to their customers.

What are the characteristics of Cross Personal?

An eye-catching design
Elegant lines and gracious forms endow Cross Personal with a quintessential "Made in Italy" aesthetic appeal that captures the eye.

As with other machines in the Personal range, Antonio Citterio's touch is clearly evident: yet again he has succeeded in combining materials, forms and colours to create a unique, one-of-a-kind machine.

Superfici a specchio, finiture colore/non colore e un design all'avanguardia senza viti a vista rendono questo crosstrainer la proposta giusta per caratterizzare con stile ogni ambiente e ogni spazio Wellness.

Refined finishing down to the slightest detail
From the biomechanics to the technology, every element is designed to offer you a pleasant and comfortable training experience.

Rigorous processing features, such as chemical micro-polishing of the guard and manual polishing of the aluminium elements, highlight the product's distinct craftsmanship quality, evocative of an actual work of art dedicated to personal well-being.

Every phase of the product's life cycle is carefully attended to: from creation to assembly, installation and maintenance. To minimise its impact on the environment, all materials used in the Cross Personal’s construction are recyclable.

Biomechanics inspired by you
Stemming from of Technogym’s thirty years experience in the construction of Wellness equipment, Cross Personal encompasses all the latest innovations and research in the biomechanical field.

The measurements, proportions and individual elements are all designed to ensure safe and comfortable physical exercise, whatever your height.

The Hand Sensors are longer to accommodate people between 150 and 210 cm tall.

Ultra-high quality sound for an engaging experience
To make your sensory experience even more unique, Cross Personal is equipped with high-performance Dolby Surround speakers.

Thanks to these speakers, which diffuse sound waves evenly throughout the room, you can immerse yourself into an ultra-high quality sound that makes your training session even more engaging.

The machine is also equipped with earphone slots so that you can enjoy a more intimate training experience.

UNITY display to ensure a motivating training session

With the UNITY interface, developed on an Android platform, you can browse the Internet and do your favourite things while you train. Visit your favourite websites, watch TV and relax with entertaining games. And these are only some of what you can do while you train.

On UNITY you can choose outdoor routes in simulated reality, link up with your friends or trainer via Skype and even share a photo of your training session using the Selfie App. The Plex App allows you to connect the UNITY display with your other devices to access your favourite films, images and music on the console.

Safe for all and suitable for any environment
Every component is designed to guarantee maximum safety, and five adjustable feet make Cross Trainer adaptable to any surface of the home.

Cross Personal is certified according to the 957 Standard, making the machine safe for everyone within the home, including children.

Which training needs does it satisfy?
With a movement that resembles Nordic Walkingwithout ground impact, Cross Personal allows you to perform intense cardiovascular training with minimal perception of fatigue.

This cross trainer enables you to train your entire body or just the lower body, so you can easily reach your goals of losing weight, toning your body and improving coordination between the upper and lower body.

The fact that your body does not impact with the ground makes the movement safe, pleasant and comfortable, without any risk of joint damage.

What is training like?

Silent for minimal disturbance
Designed to make your training pleasant in every way, Cross Personal ensures noise-free exercise. This cross trainer is so silent that you can use it during the night without disturbing people nearby.

Simple and intuitive

Exercising with Cross trainer is pleasant and natural, as the machine adapts to your movements.You control the exercise according to your stride and body rhythm.

Cross Personal has two footboards and two levers that move simultaneously. By moving the levers your arms guide your legs, while moving the footboards helps your legs guide your arms.

Thanks to the Fast Track Control™ system, enabling you to adjust the training parameters through controls fitted on the handles, you can vary the training intensity without having to stop.

Suitable for your heart

Ensure maximum safety for your heart with the Hand Sensor, a series of small plates placed on the handles that allow you to monitor your heart rate.

Moreover, you can rely on the CPR system to help you design and perform a constant heart rate exercise programme tailored to your abilities and target.

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The Italian fitness products manufacturer Technogym stresses the motivating impact of stylish design and has had Antonio Citterio conceive its revolutionary new Milan flagship store as well as an equipment line.

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